Up to 50 % of all patients do not follow their doctor's therapy recommendations.1

1 WHO 2003

co.patient increases patient adherence and thus improves therapy results and therefore the revenues of pharmaceutical companies.

Adherence tools: save costs, ensure higher therapy satisfaction, and increase revenues

For the pharmaceutical industry, lack of adherence means poorer therapy results and lower satisfaction with therapy among patients and the prescribing doctors. Companies that have recognised this correlation and specifically optimise adherence in connection with their products benefit considerably from this.

The best remedy for adherence problems: our innovative adherence tools

co.patient offers a comprehensive set of instruments to improve the adherence of your patients. From patient information brochures and adherence calendars to digital media such as 'serious games' and innovative dialogue tools like the Therapy Scales. We will be happy to advise you on how to improve the adherence of your patients in a targeted manner and with the right tools.

Adherence calendar

Our 'adherence calendars' regularly remind your patients that they must contribute actively to a successful therapy as well. The motifs do not primarily remind the patient of his or her illness. Instead, they communicate the advantages of successful treatment - sometimes with a sense of humour. Our adherence calendars are available in both a print and a digital version. They can be compiled individually for each patient and, of course, branded in your corporate design.

Serious games

Computer games do not just make people lazy, fat, stupid or addicted, as is often assumed. When used wisely, they can also have a positive impact on health. These "serious games" playfully increase adherence. Particularly in the field of prevention and health promotion, serious games ensure a higher level of involvement and greater motivation. The picture shows our serious game "Essbremse" (a game set around a 'traffic light'), which playfully explains the effect of leptin.

Therapy Scales

The Therapy Scales is an innovative adherence app for the participatory decision-making of doctors and patients, which can be adapted for different indications and products. Find out more about the Therapy Scales here.

Digital patient newspapers

Modern publishing methods enable entirely new concepts for patient communication. Multimedia patient newspapers can now easily be produced and published on tablets. Thus, already in the waiting room, complex issues can be understood more easily by the patient and fears can be lastingly reduced.

We train the practice staff of your clients from medical professions

We train practice staff of your clients from medical professions on the topic of adherence. This way, you can create valuable additional benefits for your target group. Your field staff will become part of the team during the training and gain valuable client insights. According to Section 20 (1) of the FSA Code (the code on voluntary self-regulation for the pharmaceutical industry), further training is in line with the Code if it is related to the product of your company. This is an explicit precondition for our adherence training.

Patient partnering

Many drugs have a poor reputation online: Patients read in forums about the side effects of certain medicinal products and start their therapy with negative expectations, which can lead to massive problems when it comes to adherence. Our patient partnering service explains how this can be effectively counteracted.

Print media

co.patient is the expert for media and medical content created specifically for patients. We develop patient media for pharmaceutical companies, clinics, medical technology companies, and health insurers. Our print media are patient-oriented, correct in terms of medical information, and increase adherence. You will find detailed information about our print media here.

Digital Media

Digital media give you extensive possibilities to playfully improve patient adherence. Especially where a poor understanding of therapy is the problem, the vividness of digital media ensures a better understanding of the product and greater adherence. Here you will find detailed information about our digital media.

Advantages of our adherence-improving measures

Innovative adherence instruments such as the adherence calendar, Therapy Scales, and serious games

A selection of suitable tools that are adapted to the situation and the implementation of these tools

Increased therapy satisfaction among patients and doctors

Increase in revenues through regular use of medication