»Patient centricity demands a shift in cultural mindset within the pharmaceutical industry.«1

Du Plessis D. 2017

co.patient helps clients to increase patient centricity.

Patient centricity – Putting the patient in the spotlight

Patients have become more critical and responsible. Those companies, clinics and health insurance providers that consistently focus on the patient will be more successful in the future. co.patient offers support in consistently directing the focus of your corporate strategy on the patient.

Patient journey

We use the 'patient journey' as a tool to develop strategies. A patient journey visualises a patient's path through all phases of their illness. Illustrating such a patient journey will help you get a quick and clear view of how the market works, and which points of contact exist between your company and patients. This results in compelling strategic approaches, which we explore together in a workshop.

Patient segmentation

Patients' needs are complex and must be addressed in a nuanced way. Our communication models classify patients into segments according to medical and psychosocial factors. This helps you find the right tools to address them as individually as possible and thus more effectively.

Patient strategy

Building on the patient journey and patient segmentation, we develop effective patient strategies with you – often in cooperation with patient organisations and expert patients – and accompany their implementation.

Performance measurement

Before the start of each project, we define key performance indicators (KPIs) such as patient satisfaction or the attitude towards the product and the company. In a deviation analysis, we develop adaptation requirements for later project phases or follow-up projects. This makes it possible for you to know where you stand with the patient at any time.


To achieve the optimum patient centricity, it is essential that your employees receive the necessary training to develop a sharper focus on the patients. For this purpose, we have set up a comprehensive seminar programme in our co.patient Academy (German).

Profit from our decades of experience in patient-centred projects

We will show you how to do everything right from the start: We develop tailor-made concepts in line with your company's orientation and the patients' expectations. We bundle expertise and creativity in strategy workshops, and accompany you on the decisive step into the implementation phase.

Advantages of our service for increased patient centricity

Effective strategy tools and performance measurement

Accompanying staff training provides the necessary mindset

Increase of revenue through positioning as a patient-oriented company