Closer to the Patient

co.patient offers comprehensive support for the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology companies, health insurers, and clinics in the areas of patient relations, patient communication, and patient engagement. Our core expertise lies in the field of patient strategies, patient media, patient journeys, patient programmes, adherence tools, and seminars.

Patient centricity

We help companies to direct their focus consistently on patients.

Patient partnering

We offer support in working with patient organisations and expert patients.

Patient programmes

With our patient programmes, we sustainably increase patient adherence.

Patient journeys

We create patient journeys that improve market understanding and strategy.

Print media

We create credible and empathetic print media for patients.

Digital media

We create digital media that are truly relevant to patients.

Adherence Tools

With our adherence tools we increase adherence and therapy satisfaction.

Concepts of Grasping

Our innovative concepts of grasping improve patient understanding.®

With our innovative web app, we bring medical content for patients to mobile devices.

co.patient Academy

With seminars and workshops, we increase companies' focus on patients. (German)


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co.patient White Paper »Partnering with Patients«

Learn in our white paper how you can effectively increase your company's patient focus by partnering with patients.