Today, any pharmaceutical company that does not offer a patient programme for chronic diseases will lose patient acceptance.1

1 Gandolf B. 2018

The patient programmes of co.patient increase acceptance among patients and doctors.

Patient programmes: Greater acceptance among patients and doctors

Consumers today expect comprehensive services and information, particularly when it comes to high-quality products and services. This is especially true for the well-informed patients of the internet age. Also, many doctors expect patient programmes of the pharmaceutical industry to relieve their workload and increase patient adherence, in particular in the case of chronic indications. A lack of patient programmes can therefore lead to acceptance problems among patients and doctors.

Patient programmes are the best tool to achieve greater adherence

In times of crowded hospitals and practices as well as short contacts between doctor and patient, vital information can be lost in the interaction. Many patients feel that they are not being taken seriously, that their complaints are not properly understood, or that they cannot understand the purpose or the process of the treatment. This can result in a lack of trust in the doctor and the prescribed therapy.

Patients benefit from our patient programmes

With our patient programmes, you can achieve more acceptance and adherence. We increase the patient's motivation through communication that is tailored to the patient. This way, as a pharmaceutical company or health insurer, you can improve the adherence of patients and create a significant added value for prescribers and users of your product. Experienced nurses with excellent communication skills provide intensive support for patients via the appropriate channel – whether in person at events, conventionally on the phone, or digitally in forums, via chat or email. We will be happy to advise you on which therapy-supporting patient programme is suitable for your company, your indication, and your product – and we offer the complete implementation.

Info graphics patient programme: Patient needs, channels und success.

Security and measurability

Our patient programmes implement all legal requirements for data protection and effective consent. It goes without saying that we provide detailed documentation and precise reporting that allows you to assess the success of the programme objectively.

Advantages of our patient programmes

Consistent patient communication

Flexible channel selection

Accompanying information material and media

Benefit arguments for doctors, patients and field staff

Sustainable and measurable increase in adherence

More therapy satisfaction among patients and doctors

Greater acceptance among doctors and patients

Higher revenues