Cooperation with patient organisations creates a win-win situation.1

1 Dang A. 2016

co.patient is part of an excellent network of patient organisations and expert patients.

We offer support in working with patient organisations and expert patients.

In the past, many pharmaceutical companies focused too much on cooperation with doctors. But doctors only see part of the picture. They are often unaware of what happens before the diagnosis, during breaks in treatment, and after the termination of the treatment. Patients themselves – especially those with chronic illnesses – have often become experts on their illness. Therefore, it makes sense to work together with these expert patients.

Cooperation with patient organisations

Patient organisations also have a sound knowledge of how patients experience their illness and what needs they have when it comes to coping with it. By working with patient organisations, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies can benefit from this knowledge. Thanks to numerous projects in the areas of patient alliance and patient affairs, co.patient has developed excellent contacts to patient organisations that make such collaborations easier, and we understand both worlds: that of the patient and that of the industry. It goes without saying that we follow the rules of the FSA Code (the code on voluntary self-regulation for the pharmaceutical industry) in our cooperations with patient organisations.

Cooperation with expert patients

The well-informed patients of the internet age want to make their own decisions regarding their therapies. Some of these patients are happy to pass on their knowledge to other patients. They are good at communicating and are valued expert patients and opinion leaders in blogs or online forums. co.patient regularly uses the expertise of such expert patients, e.g. by organising Patient Advisory Board meetings and cooperations when creating patient media.

Online reputation management (ORM)

Patients are influencers who have a significant impact on the online reputation of companies and products. Many drugs have a poor reputation online. Patients read forums about the side effects of certain medicinal products and start their therapy with negative expectations, which can lead to massive problems when it comes to adherence. We specifically approach these influencers and provide information that helps them form their opinions. This ensures that reporting about the products of our clients is more balanced.

Events for patients

The easiest way to get in touch with patients is through an event. When you invite patients to a patient day, they get to know your company and you get to know the patients better. co.patient offers support for the conception of your patient event and takes over the complete organisation and promotion of the event – this ensures that your patient event will be a big success and increases your reputation with patients and in the eyes of the public.

Advantages of our patient-partnering service

Inspiring collaboration with patients

Profitable exchange of knowledge

Opinion leadership in patient groups

Improvement of reputation with patients and the public