Digital patient media from pharmaceutical companies are not patient-oriented.1

1 Bundesverband Internetmedizin e.V. (Federal Association of Internet Medicine) 2017

Digital patient media from co.patient focus on the patient.

Digital media – consistently aligned to the patient

Today, patients mainly use the internet and social media to get information about health-related topics – often even before talking to their doctor. With co.patient's comprehensive digital services, you can effectively benefit from the possibilities of the internet to reach patients.

Our goal: to increase the benefits for patients

Nothing is more expensive than websites that nobody visits and apps that nobody uses. Before we develop a medium, we evaluate needs, acceptance and benefits. This way we create digital media that are genuinely aligned with the needs of patients, and increase adherence as well as satisfaction with the therapy.

Our method: Teach by Touch

Information made tangible on a tablet is understood faster and remembered longer, because – in addition to the visual information – sensory and motor information is transmitted to the brain via the corresponding nerve fibres. With Teach by Touch, we have optimised this principle for patients and consistently use it in our digital media. In our blog article (German), you can learn more about Teach by Touch.

A targeted increase in adherence through digital media

Digital media are ideal for increasing patient adherence. For this purpose, co.patient has specifically developed digital media such as the Therapy Scales and 'serious games' for this. Find out more about our digital (and analogue) adherence tools here.

Digital content

co.patient is the expert for digital content specifically designed for patients. We develop web content for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical technology companies, and health insurers. It is important to us that the content is highly relevant and focuses on the patient. This is ensured by our doctors, who have experience in numerous indications.

Our range of digital media

  • Patient websites, health communities, digital content
  • Development of apps and digital patient newspapers
  • Digital presentation tool® – specifically for patient information
  • Video production

Advantages of our digital media

Consistent alignment to the patient

Our doctors vouch for the high level of relevance for patients

Sustainable improvement in adherence through our digital media

Use of the latest web technologies

Let us convince you with examples of our work

  • Fibroadenome Echo-Therapy

    Client: Theraclion

  • Patient Information Myelodysplastic Syndromes

    Client: Celgene

  • Launch Blisters

    Client: Bausch + Lomb

  • Orphan Drug

    Client: INTERMUNE