co.patient has completely changed our view of the patient.1

1 Client voice

We are proud of a high recommendation rate and a continually growing client base.

Our clients

Client comments

»co.patient has provided us with extensive support in planning and organising our Patient Advisory Boards. Thank you very much.«
Patient Relations Manager, Pharma

»Thanks to the strategic consulting by co.patient, we have been able to develop a real patient strategy for the first time. Our company is now much more patient-oriented in all areas.«
Marketing Director, MedTech

»With the help of co.patient, we have developed patient brochures that are well received by both patients and doctors.«
Brand Manager, Pharma

»With co.patient's innovative adherence concepts, we have been able to increase the adherence of our patients, and thus our sales, significantly.«
Product Manager, Pharmaceuticals

»We have collaborated successfully with co.patient to develop a global patient strategy which guides local markets in engaging with local patient organizations.«
Patient Engagement Manager, Pharma

Our cases

Here we present some cases that show the broad spectrum of our successful work in patient communication. We will be happy to present further examples of our work on request.