Disease Trail Depression

Client situation

A pharmaceutical company commissioned us to develop a campaign. The objective of the campaign was to sensitise people to the topic of depression. The aim was to raise the target group's awareness of signs of depression in friends and family, and to motivate them to »get involved«. A second target group of the campaign was family doctors, who could recognise signs of depression in their patients more quickly.

Our solution

We developed a »depression trail« where art objects were produced that referred to various aspects of the disease. A psychiatrist guided the participating doctors through the exhibition and discussed the aspects of the illness addressed by the art objects. The exhibition was then set up as a travelling exhibition in several cities in Germany. There, general practitioners were first trained by psychiatrists. In the second step, the general practitioners were able to hold their own patient events at the exhibition.

Client benefits

The benefit for our client was a considerable image boost among both psychiatrists and general practitioners. The campaign also made it possible to identify and treat depressions more frequently. The fundamental advantage of an »illness trail« is that illnesses can be experienced, thus increasing the understanding and empathy of healthy people, e.g. employees, journalists, healthcare policymakers, etc., and ensuring the right mindset.