Patient Programme Infectiology

Client situation

An innovative and high-priced drug to combat an infectious disease required not only a high intake reliability, but also the observance of certain accompanying measures, e.g. a special food intake at certain times. Market research showed a reduced adherence of patients due to the special requirements. This was considered a strategic risk for the success of the drug.

Our solution

Together with clinical experts, we developed a specific adherence concept. At the beginning of the therapy, patients were divided into 5 different adhesion types by means of an adhesion test. Specific measures were developed for each group to support the reliability of intake and compliance with the accompanying measures. The focus was on targeted communication measures (by post, telephone, digital). The patients participating in the programme were suggested by the doctors.

Client benefits

Our adherence concept has significantly increased the acceptance of the drug by doctors and patients. The regular use of the medication has led to an increase in sales. Many physicians expect the pharmaceutical industry to offer patient programmes in chronic indications to reduce their workload and increase patient adherence. The lack of patient programmes can, therefore, lead to acceptance problems among patients and doctors.