Studies show that the iPad makes patient education more efficient.1, 2

1 Schleicher P. 2014
2 Morgan E.R. 2015® brings medical content for patients to mobile devices.® brings medical content for patients to mobile devices

Presenting medical content digitally to inform patients – this is exactly what® does. For digital-savvy patients, brochures and other print media seem old-fashioned. That is why we have developed®.® is an innovative web app that can be used on all tablets with iOS (iPad), Windows and Android.

The advantages of®

Highly convincing for patients

  • Visualisation of all aspects relevant to therapy
  • Perfect for patient information about new products
  • Fast access to all relevant data
  • Presentation of scripted scenarios for handling objections
  • Easy to update with new evidence
  • Branding in your corporate design

Intuitive to use

  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • One-click functionality for easy conversation
  • Icon on the homescreen like a native app

Flexible to use

  • Can be used as a cross-platform web app on all tablets and desktop computers
  • Responsive design
  • A variety of language versions for easy adaptation to different countries


  • Registration of the web app in the App Store or Play Store is not necessary.
  • Can also be used offline as a web app
  • Your data will remain on your server

This is how® works

Together with you, we define the desired functions

We develop the content

We implement your web app quickly and straightforward